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Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Everyone knows that the climate change buzz is more about behavioral change than it is about solving the problem. The motivation to clean up our actions and do it, is staring at us. It’s our kids and our families. The active learning behind this is our human relationships and our relationship pipeline. Having the knowledge to solve a problem and being able to transfer this knowledge is key. Bowtie Engineering is transferring our knowledge into highly driven relationships which share this commitment to do something and do it now.

Bowtie Engineering’s Energy division is implementing its national service-based business and has established itself as an authority on design/capacity, installation, commissioning, and testing of Electrical Vehicle Charging Station. (EV Stations)

As more and more people migrate over to Electric Vehicle, this demand will at first hurt the power grid, but the sustainable demand data will support the utilities need for upgrading on voltage, transformer capacity and power plant installations. Of all generating technologies including those that are renewable, the more it is spread out over time the less likely we will experience rolling blackouts.

Having built such a huge brand nationally with electrical safety, and maintenance, it made sense to supply our same vision and principles into the EV market nationally and a standardized systems approach

Bowtie Engineering is already implementing systems nationally since 2018, for our private clients wanting to get out front of this change, for marketing purposes and delivering results right away.


The biggest challenge we see installing EV systems is existing systems are not adequate for the new EV power demands. Each site is requiring custom engineering and installation. With Bowtie we standardize the process and technology, but it allows us to pivot on customers’ expectations. Customer always in driver’s seat. 

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