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HVAC Management

HVAC Management

We provide HVAC systems and maintenance program along with rentals and replacements. Critical systems can be customized with preventive programs (PM), for our clients at fantastic pricing.

  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial

UPS Management

We provide UPS critical solutions. We are experts on risk and understand how critical a UPS module or bank of modules are to your loads. We have an extensive national qualified network of factory-trained UPS technicians with Engineering oversite. These UPS programs are fully customizable with your other maintenance program at very competitive pricing.

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Generator Management

Our Engineers are experts in not only standby power for critical systems but also renewables. We are risk experts at Bowtie and your generator uptime is critical to our success too. Our network of qualified generator vendors has access to the largest fleet of rentals in the USA. We can fuel and support from the best nationally, 24/7/365.


Incident Energy Supplies

Bowtie conducts comprehensive Incident Energy Studies to determine the vulnerability of a plant, a building or a company. We use our six-step standardized, proven process based on NFPA 70E and OSHA guidelines and regulations.


Electrical Maintenance

With Bowtie Engineering’s Electrical Maintenance Service, organizations receive a true snapshot of their electrical systems. Our electrical engineering experts conduct a complete power quality audit on equipment with photographs and corresponding infrared images to document any apparent electrical concerns or deficiencies.

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Energy Management

Improving energy management can have a giant upside in our nation’s global economic competitiveness and, more importantly, impact a company’s profits. Bowtie Engineering’s Energy Solutions help businesses become more energy efficient. Whether used as a standalone or as part of our three-piece integrated systems approach, our Energy Solutions can have a drastic impact on a company’s bottom line.

Fire Suppression

Fire Supression

We are experts in risk and the avoidance of hazardous conditions without proper mitigation. We have partnered with the most respected Fire Protection organizations in the USA. We have Qualified Technicians to assure quick dependable onsite attention.

We perform on alarm, detection and suppression systems. Our goal like yours is to mitigate your risk of property damage from a fire-related incident.

Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety NFPA 70E (2021) Training

Systems approach to safety from Start to Finish. The group will perform work energized on a Branch Panel brought in by instructor, ALL PPE SUPPLIED

Instructor John Welch P.E. C.E.M

Schedule now for Electrical Safety/NFPA 70E training. Send a Quick note and John will call you back to discuss scheduling.

Bow Vue App

Bow Vue App

Electrical System Safety App

Tying Bowtie’s three major services together is our remarkably efficient BowVue™ software. Only available through Bowtie, this dashboard-designed app delivers unprecedented control to our customers over their electrical system safety programs.

BowVue works seamlessly with all our services – Incident Energy Studies, Electrical Maintenance, and Energy Studies. Both a desktop and mobile app, BowVue is risk mitigation software that provides real-world management of:

  • Managed services
  • Risk assessment link to qualified staff
  • Cal/cm2 at asset level
  • Pre-Task Planner for simultaneously looking at Maintenance Risk and Incident Energy Risk

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Bowtie Engineering, LLC
Bowtie Engineering, LLC
Protecting yourself from an arc flash during electrical work can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!

At Bowtie Engineering, we carry a collection of PPEs that provides complete head-to-toe coverage for potential electrical hazards, guaranteeing your safety and efficiency on the job.

And today, we feature one of our premium PPEs, the 40 cal Premium Arc Flash Kit – FR Shield Jacket and Bib Overalls. This premium kit includes:

✅ switchgear hood
✅ anti-fog safety glasses
✅ standard storage bag

Add this to your cart today 👉 www.bowtieppe.com/products/40-cal-arc-flash-kit-jacket-and-bib-overalls

For more information, you may contact us:
☎️ 866-730-6620
📧 sales@bowtie8.com
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Bowtie Engineering, LLC
Bowtie Engineering, LLC
Get fire protected now 🔥!

Our goal is to minimize your risk of having property damaged by a fire-related incident.

We have partnered with the most respected Fire Protection organizations in the USA; and we have qualified technicians ready to provide quick response and onsite service.

We handle on alarm, detection, and suppression systems.

Contact us today to see how we can help:
☎️ 866-730-6620
📧 sales@bowtie8.com
Learn more at 👉 www.bowtie8.com/what-we-do/fire-supression

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