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Electrical System Safety App

Tying Bowtie’s three major services together is our remarkably efficient BowVue™ software. Only available through Bowtie, this dashboard-designed app delivers unprecedented control to our customers over their electrical system safety programs.

Bow Vue App

BowVue works seamlessly with all our services – Incident Energy Studies, Electrical Maintenance, and Energy Studies. Both a desktop and mobile app, BowVue is risk mitigation software that provides real-world management of:

  • Managed services
  • Risk assessment link to qualified staff
  • Cal/cm2 at asset level
  • Pre-Task Planner for simultaneously looking at Maintenance Risk and Incident Energy Risk

Control over Electrical System Safety

BowVue gives users control of their electrical systems in one place, at one time, in one view.  The BowVue app provides our customers with detailed reports that outline the services we performed and detailing their electric system inventory.

With this all-critical knowledge, a Bowtie customer can:

  • Ensure that their electrical systems are compliant
  • Reduce risks of failing an OSHA audit
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Make sure personnel is adequately trained and prepared
  • Establish proper PPE inventories
  • Access Bowtie’s secure Cloud server for online reports

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Bow Vue App