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The Importance of UPS Maintenance in Data Centers and Crypto Mining Centers

data center

Continuous power is crucial for maintaining a data center’s efficiency. A data center design should incorporate the cost-benefit of a seamless transition to the generator when the power utility goes down. The business can suffer significant financial losses, a poor reputation, and other negative consequences such as minors losing daily revenue. As a result, data […]

Data Crypto Mining and Power system maintenance

ups maintenance

The ability to maximize the Return On Investment with crypto mining in data centers falls on the nose of a few important technologies. The Data Centers are the company’s tools that support the fundamental assets. So it’s critical to ensure that the data center is both safe and reliable, which is mostly determined by the […]

All you need to know about an Arc Flash Study

arc flash study

An Arc Flash Study is the term sometimes used to describe an incident energy study. It is a calculation of the thermal heat during an arcing short circuit in an electrical distribution system. A competent engineer will evaluate and understand the worst-case hazard that a worker might be exposed to if an arc flash event […]

Arc flash training – Why do you need Electrical Safety Training?

electrical safety training

Your Incident Energy study is complete, with your bright orange new labels and you bought your PPE and it’s in a locker. Now what? Is it time to turn your attention to more important things now? We’ll assume that your corrective actions have been implemented regarding maintenance and that you’ve thoroughly reviewed – and updated […]

The Most Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

workplace electrical hazards

Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives, from the moment we wake up until dinner time. We’ve come to take it for granted and have forgotten how powerful and dangerous it can be. We are aware of the electrical dangers when we are at home and adhere to safety rules such as unplugging […]

Bowtie’s NFPA 70E Online Electrical Safety Training (2022)

electrical safety training

Why is electrical safety important? Electrical accidents may result in burns, shocks, and electrocution, with potentially fatal outcomes in a worst-case scenario. Electricity is all around us these days, and it is taken for granted because of its ubiquity. However, it is surprising how little people know about its characteristics and potential hazards, which is […]

Everyone in the workplace benefits from Electrical Safety training

electrical safety

There is still a great deal of concern for the safety of electrical workers in today’s facilities. Removing safety processes of any kind when being advised by experts to not do so creates a situation where if an electrical failure causing an arc flash were to take place, any denial of negligence would be impossible. […]

HVAC System: what is it and how is it used?

what is hvac

HVAC definition Bowtie Engineering frequently employs the abbreviation HVAC, and HVAC management is one of our major services. What exactly is it, though? Let’s go through all of the details to make sure we’ve covered everything. HVAC is the abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This mechanism ensures that homes and businesses are kept […]

What you need to know about arc flash

arc flash

Arc flashes are a common hazard for electrical workers. Every day in the United States, hundreds of arc flash incidents occur, with an annual average of four hundred fatalities. With this in mind, it’s critical to know what an arc flash is and how you can avoid one. Much of this comes down to a […]

How to choose a UPS critical solution for your business

ups system

Reliable power is more essential than ever, with the widespread adoption of IIoT and big data in industrial applications. Choosing the proper UPS critical solution for a business can minimize the risks and expenses associated with a power outage. Critical control systems require uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to prevent brief power interruptions that may cause […]