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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Outages Impact Business

The average facility experiences 100 electrical disturbances/transients per month. The result – System downtime. Shortened equipment life. Added expenses. Businesses need to know the true cost of electrical outages and how they can better maintain their electrical systems.

Power Quality Report & Analysis

With Bowtie Engineering’s Electrical Maintenance Service, organizations receive a true snapshot of their electrical systems. Our electrical engineering experts conduct a complete power quality audit on equipment with photographs and corresponding infrared images to document any apparent electrical concerns or deficiencies.

The Bowtie Power Quality Report and Analysis includes:

  • Infared (IR) thermography
  • NFPA 70 B testing
  • Monitoring, measuring, and recording real-time electrical conditions in an electrical distribution system
  • Break down of KW, kVAR, PF, voltage, amperage, harmonics and transients
  • Testing and measurement resultsi>
  • Field data documentation
  • Identification of needed upgrades, retrofits and alterations
  • Appropriate electrical system solutions and recommendations of services
Power Quality Equipment

Electrical Maintenance Benefits

Our Electrical Maintenance Reports empower our customers to better manage operations and avoid energy costs in a facility’s electrical assets. With this knowledge, Bowtie customers can:

  • Better safeguard their personnel
  • Improve their electrical system’s efficiency
  • Reduce electrical utility costs
  • Improve safety conditions
  • Minimize downtime risks

Energized System Engineering Analysis

Bowtie also performs an Energized System Engineering Analysis on selected electrical distribution system components.

In this study, our electrical engineering experts perform:

  • Power measurement throughout a facility
  • Analysis of Electric Utility Tariff
  • Recommend simple payback/ cost benefits
  • True RMS voltage and current testing
  • Voltage drop testing
  • Voltage and current harmonics testing
  • Power factor testing
  • Visual and mechanical inspections
  • Phase-balance measurement
  • Transformer oil testing
  • Ground resistance testing

Customers receive detailed reports with electrical system equipment inventories and outlines of the services we performed. Written certification of all testing performed is included along with appropriate notations and corrections on existing one-line electrical system drawing (if available.)

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