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The United States is an energy-intensive economy. Our country uses, for example, double the energy that Japan and Germany do. Yet, those nations are twice as energy efficient, spending half what the U.S. does to produce a dollar’s worth of GNP.

Improving energy management can have a giant upside in our nation’s global economic competitiveness and, more importantly, impact a company’s profits. Bowtie Engineering’s Energy Solutions help businesses become more energy efficient. Whether used as a standalone or as part of our three-piece integrated systems approach, our Energy Solutions can have a drastic impact on a company’s bottom line.

At Bowtie, we committ to working with our clients on ways to avoid unnecessary electricity costs without jeopardizing a business’s mission. A simple reduction of energy efficiency by two percent per year for five years is destined is a ROI-changer.

Step One – Energy Analysis

With Bowtie, the first step to energy efficiency is a comprehensive Energy Analysis by our highly trained, credentialed engineers. The Bowtie team will analyze:

  • How a facility uses energy
  • What the facility pays for energy
  • The operating practices on energy-consuming equipment
  • Electrical utility tariffs
  • EMO-energy management opportunities assessed for simple payback
  • Feasibility of renewable energy sources (such as solar or wind)
  • Upgrading energy-inefficient equipment (i.e. – Switch old fluorescent lights with new cost offsetting LED’s.)
  • How to gain more power usage efficiency for equipment with large induction motor loads through power factor correction.

Step Two – Energy Action Plan

After the initial energy analysis, Bowtie develops personalized Energy Action Plan for a client to use to:

  • Implement identified EMO’s
  • Assemble a system to house supporting data for future trending and control
  • Supply visual graphing tools to support CFO’s decisions on capital projects
  • Provide forward-thinking on permanent metering installed for continuous improvement (Kaizen)


  • Helps avoid utility costs
  • Provides simple payback and return-on-investment
  • Implements path forward for continuous improvement
  • Offers standardized tools and full transparency

Bowtie Credentials

  • Maintenance experts seasoned on product trends
  • Licensed PE
  • Member and certified AEE, CEM, CDSM
  • Utility experienced
  • Electrical engineers
  • Sub-metering expertise

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