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What We Do

Helping organizations implement, when they have multiple systems in multiple locations and striving for a standardized systems approach to managing, monitoring and fiscal performance. Our BowVue portal along with our core process will simplify contract management responsibilities, this is what Bowtie Engineering™ does.

We offer our customers one-stop technical services with a zero risk technical response.

  • Electrical Engineering
    • P.E. Oversite of all front facing reporting and quality of all programs
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • P.E. Oversite of all front facing reporting and quality of all programs
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service
    • Parts, Labor, Travel, for Emergency repairs
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Schedules, ensures timely response
  • BowVue Portal
    • Risk Mitigation tool assuring safetyisimplemented, qualified person and PPE, and in addition, monitors and tracks, with QR code at the asset level, and GPS locations. Project tracking, along with fiscal responsibility per site
  • Qualified Technicians
    • Each site a risk assessment is performed verifying the current skill set is dispatched
  • Standardized Pricing
    • Regardless of location or brand we offer competitive pricing
    • Cost benefit when bundling systems
    • Arc Flash is unit priced so client never takes on any unnecessary financial risk
  • National Coverage
    • Can accommodate 2-4 –hour response windows in over 90% of the USA
Bowtie Engineering services

Driving Our services is Bowtie’s revolutionary app, BowVue–software that provides an anytime, anywhere bird’s-eye view of your organization’s safety programs, with streamlined and simplified management of client contracts.